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  "A DJ Britain should be proud of." - BRIAN ENO 
  "That was a real conversation" - VAN MORRISON
  "I'm a big fan of what you do in your shed" - PETER GABRIEL


Welcome to 'Mark Coles Music' - home to exciting new music from around the planet, the weekly music radio show THE SHED and much more. Where music fans come to listen...and musicians come to chat.


All the highlights from amidst the rain and the mud

Part 1

Music + chat from Mbongwana Star, John Metcalfe, Toto La Momposina, The Soil + Acholi Machon


Part 2 

The Honduran singer Aurelio, Israel's Ester Rada and British folk group Spiro


THE SHED #204 (17.07.2015)

New music offerings from the shack at the bottom of the garden. Music this week from India, Germany, Guinea, Cameroon, Canada and Ghana among others


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Read what Britain's Guardian newspaper had to say about 'The Shed' here

Previous editions of 'The Shed' can be found on Mixcloud  here



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